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At Design Build Partners we drive first in class solutions to AEC industry wide problems by utilizing a diverse technology stack. The engine that makes that possible for our business is our Technology Services Division which drives our project delivery process internally to the next level for the benefit of our clients.

Technology Services Include:

  • Platform Set Up

  • Software Integrations

  • Technology Partnerships

  • Research & Development

  • New Custom Application Build outs

  • Project & Portfolio Insights

  • Internal Business Intelligence

  • Internal Process Improvement

Technology: Text


We implement ways to capture and harness data our software, workflows & projects that drive key results, corporate objectives, and overall project health. Our goal is to never make a decision that isn't backed with valuable insights and hard data.

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Research & Development

Over time, businesses need to continue to evolve and improve workflows - we are no different. We are out on the front lines researching and finding the newest technology to integrate into our workflows to drive value for our customers.


Platforms & Integrations

At Design Build Partners we utilize strategic partnerships with best in class software providers and integrate our systems to drive continuity and business intelligence. Our business relies on a multitude of software platforms and we breakdown the silos between them by integrating them together.


Studio-X is our dedicated Technology Startup Incubator where we create and develop new technology products for the industry, built by industry experts.

Technology: Services


In construction, time is money.

In order to stay on time, it's important we have short milestone schedules and lookaheads that tie-into our project schedule and provide instantaneous delay feedback to project management when delays inevitably arise.

Use the Weekly Work Plan platform to recognize delays quicker and recover lost time before it's too late. Utilize the data-analytics dashboards to eliminate constraints and drive continuous improvement. 

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