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News Update

We are thrilled to announce the strategic merger of DB Partners, a firm established to develop, design & build commercial mixed-use properties in growing markets with DC Partners, a distinguished real estate development and investment company based in Houston, TX.

This partnership brings together DB Partners, acclaimed for its project delivery expertise, with the platform, financial strength and versatility of DC Partners in completing developments of varying sizes and asset types. The combined synergy of these two teams together signifies a powerful force in shaping the future of mixed-use real estate development and investment in thriving urban and rural markets alike.

Together, we look forward to developing communities and achieving new heights of excellence in the dynamic landscape of commercial real estate.

To our DB Partners clients, partners, employees, friends and family - thank you for supporting us in what we started and achieved together to date. We look forward to continuing this journey together with you all with greater resources and a more dynamic team in the future.

- Arsean & Blake

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